Tueda Natural Reserve

Méribel Ski ResortAre you a bird watcher, or do you just love nature? Then you must explore this natural reserve. It is located just below the Vanoise National Park. Its truly stunning lake begins next to the centre of Mottaret and extends up the valley that lies between Mont Vallon (Meribel Valley) and Aiguille de Fruit (Courchevel Valley) all the way to the Greboulaz glacier. The natural reserve covers 2,700 acres.

The Tueda offers outstanding opportunities to explore the unspoilt beauty of the Alps; it is especially beautiful in the summer.

The natural reserve is protected from any ski development. There are no ski lifts, no pistes, no skiing. Whilst the views and the 3 Valleys itself are beautiful, the nature reserve is particularly spectacular. There have been many debates about extending the 3 Valleys into this area; however, it is considered a blessing that this outstanding area of natural beauty is protected.

The natural reserve is protected, in particular forests of Cembro pines (a very rare sort of alpine evergreen), the local fauna (Chamois, Ibex, Black Grouse, Red Grouse, Golden Eagle) and the local flora (Linneae Borealis, a very rare plant in France that you can only find in a few Alps Resorts).

The magnificent Lac Tueda is positioned at the entrance to the natural reserve, no swimming or boating is allowed, never the less fishing is permitted. The Trout river that feeds the lake runs to the left (as you walk up) in a series of short waterfalls, here there are 20 marked trails through the forest and the Meribel Valley and the Refuge du Saut which is surrounded on all sides by spectacular mountains.

This is a wonderful place and easy to access with the ample parking in the Meribel Valley.