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20 September 2015

Hiking this Wednesday to the top of “Grand Perron des Encombres” from “Caseblanche”. 

The view is magnificent. It stretches across the Alps, from the Ecrins to the Mont Blanc and on the massif of the Lauzière with “le Grand Pic de la Lauzière” and “le Cheval Noir”.

It has been a while since I wanted to come back here.

The “Grand Perron des Encombres” offers to the ski tourers in the winter many possible descents, each one more beautiful than the last. Among others, the descent towards “Planchette” and then “Beaune” on south east slopes then south (descending elevation 1600m) or else a wide couloir oriented to the north plunges on huge slopes until the Meaubec stream (descending elevation 900m bordering initially 45°) then from Caseblanche classic route down the valley Encombres to Châtelard and Saint Martin de Belleville (descending elevation 1500m).

The Grand Perron Encombres is accessible to ski tourers staying in the 3 Vallées from the “Pointe de la Masse”.

Grand Perron des Encombres (2824m) from Caseblanche (1859m)

Practical information:

Map: IGN 3433ET St Jean de Maurienne St François Longchamp Valmorel
Departure altitude: 1859m
Arrival altitude: 2824m
Elevation gain: 965m
Schedule: 2:40 climb, descent 1:40

Description of the route:

From Caseblanche, take the wide path.
See the view of the “Grand Perron des Encombres” far away on the right. The trail rises in long turns to get on broad meadows that slowly end up at the Petit Col Encombres 2329 m.
At the pass, turn right; there is a well marked path to the top.
On the whole climb, it is not uncommon to see the Ibex that reign supreme on this mountain.
Finally, you have the last difficult passage in the small stony “couloir” but it is very short. You then reach the summit of the “Grand Perron” at 2824 m.

Descend by the same route.

Hiking this Wednesday to the top of “Grand Perron des Encombres” from “Caseblanche”.

The view is magnificent. It…

Posted by Bastien Tognotti on Sunday, 20 September 2015

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